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Man Doesn’t Understand Roommate’s Racial Joke

January 28, 2011

Baraboo, WI—Wilson Ellery was disappointed in himself after not understanding his roommate Justin Banks’ racial joke that the house had “enough mayonnaise for an entire slave ship.”

“I thought we were almost out of mayonnaise,” said a confused Ellery. “I even put it on my grocery list.”

A shocked Banks looked at Ellery in amazement and went on to explain the that African-Americans stereotypically don’t like mayonnaise, therefore the small amount of mayonnaise left in the jar was indeed enough for an entire slave ship as the slaves (traditionally African-American in U.S. history) wouldn’t eat any of it.

“Wait, so black people really don’t eat mayonnaise?” asked Ellery.  “Why is this the first I am hearing of it?  I feel like I am usually pretty up on my racial stereotypes.”

Banks explained that it was pretty commonly known and that the confused Ellery should leave mayonnaise on his grocery list.