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Roommate Baffled By Egg Prank

February 2, 2011

Madison, WI—When roommates Chadrick Manning and Mill Willard decided to prank their third roommate Nelson Matthews they had no idea the trick would work so well.

Around 10:30 a.m. while Matthews was still sleeping, Manning and Willard conspired to leave a white egg in the backyard chicken coop knowing that Matthews would discover the egg while outside smoking and likely be confused by its presence as their chickens are brown egg-layers.

“Dude, Mill, you gotta go check out the coop,” said Matthews to a pretending-to-be-confused Willard.  “Something freaky has been going on out there.”

Willard, sweaty from a workout, declined to go out in the chilly air but allowed Matthews to explain what he already knew.  While Willard and Manning tried to urge Matthews to ask the neighbor if any of her chickens laid brown eggs (and perhaps one of them visited the coop to lay the white egg), Matthews opted to spend much of his afternoon researching possible explanations online, and in fact found a reasonable explanation for the egg.

“It (the internet) says that sometimes a chicken can lay a second egg that has yet to be pigmented which is likely what happened to our chickens,” said Matthews as he emerged from his home office.  “It is really the only explanation.”

Willard and Manning decided that it would be too late to tell Matthews about their trick in person, but rather to leak the story to the media instead.