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The Hug Jacket: Helping You Hug Your Loved Ones From Afar

February 4, 2011
The greatest product of all time is most certainly the Hug Jacket. Through the use of highly-modulated memory silicone technology, the Hug Jacket allows users to send a personalized hug from anywhere on earth, to anywhere on earth.

Do you have a loved one serving in the armed services overseas? Do you have a Grandmother in Poland you never get to see? Are you in a long-distance relationship and need to connect on a more physical level? Can’t make it home for the holidays? Look no further friends, the Hug Jacket is here.

All one has to do is show up at a Hug Jacket hug-production center, pay a modest fee, and hug the patented memory silicone Hug Jacket as it is worn by a ballistic-gel torso of similar size and build to your loved one and the jacket will do the rest.

Your hug (up to 30 seconds) will be stored digitally in a .jhug format and will be instantly sent to the Hug Jacket closest to your loved one. All your loved one has to do is provide their name to the nearest Hug Jacket representative, don the Hug Jacket and enjoy your hug as it is replicated exactly as you created it.

The U.S. Armed Forces have already pre-ordered more than 800 Hug Jackets for distribution amongst deployed units across the globe and there are already more than 745 Hug Jacket Production Centers in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Hug Jacket has been keeping families close for more than a decade and has created and perfected the long-distance hug. But you don’t have to take their word for it.

“I was serving in Iraq for almost two years and the only thing that kept me going was every month when I went down to the Hug Jacket station and got those hugs from my wife and our two little girls.” –PFC Jack Bennett, U.S. Marine Corps

Hug Jacket has and always will be a family-owned company which is why they understand the needs of your family. Show your loved ones you care and send them a personalized Hug Jacket hug today!