Why Is That Guy Still Naked?

January 22, 2011

By Justin Wright

Look, I know this is a locker room and all, but why is that guy still naked?  Is he going to put on clothes and work out? Seriously, how long is he going to stay naked? Put some underwear on or grab a towel for Christ sake.

Oh, wait, now he’s walking to the urinal. I just don’t get it. When I come to the gym I don’t just hang out in the locker room naked. I mean at some point I’m naked when I’m changing into my workout clothes. And when I change out of them and put a towel on before I hit the steam room.

Heck, sometimes I get in the Jacuzzi spa naked.  But I put a towel on right afterward and hit the showers.  And I’m naked in the shower, but no big deal right? That’s all perfectly appropriate nakedness, right?

But I’ve had time to do all that and get a work out in, and this guy is still naked!  I didn’t even see him in the gym! I was in there for almost an hour! And he’s still naked!?

Wait, what’s that on the TV? Something about a little girl was kidnapped? Well maybe it’s safe to look over now. Maybe he’s put on some pants. I’ll just sneak a peek at the news for a second, I’m sure he can’t still be… Oh for the love of God, is he drying the urine off of his penis by standing naked and hanging his junk over that fan?!

He is!

WTF! Not cool dude.  Not cool.


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