Pub Hug Predictably Followed By Bro-Pats

January 20, 2011

Pub Hug Erupts into Bro-Pats

Oshkosh, WI—UW Oshkosh students Kyle Latimer and Xioung Yang embraced at the Dark Horse Pub Saturday after not seeing one another since before winter break when the two went out drinking to celebrate their completion of the Geography 432 final exam.

“I haven’t seen you for weeks bro,” said Yang, predictably patting Latimer on the back during their extended hug.  “How was your fucking break?”

Latimer responded in kind, patting his former dorm roommate on the back while explaining that he had gotten loaded with all his old buddies from high school, but that it wasn’t the same as drinking with Yang.

“Yeah, we are pretty fucking awesome,” said Yang, finally disengaging from the hug and returning to his bar stool.  “Lets do some shots!”

The two vowed to make this their best semester ever and made tentative plans to go to Key West for the upcoming spring break.


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