Mysterious Baggie Contents Eventually Revealed to be Weed

January 12, 2011

Jonesborough, Tenn—Following more than 25 minutes of debate, it was finally determined that the small baggie found on the counter at 459 Oak Grove Street definitely contained marijuana.

Roommates Jasun McGill, Steve Patterson and Jeffery Unger all denied having any knowledge of how the mysterious baggie wound up on the counter or what the familiar-looking green contents were.

“It didn’t really smell like marijuana,” said McGill.  “I kind of thought it was marjoram or one of those other green spices that no one really knows what smell like.  Steve is dating a chef, and I figured maybe she brought some spices over to bake a pie or something.”

The roommates all agreed that no one else had even been in the house for at least three days and that the baggie certainly wasn’t on the counter three days ago.  After discussing the matter and comparing the aroma of the baggie contents to everything green on the spice rack the three men decided to put the unidentified substance to further scientific tests.

“It was definitely weed,” said a nodding and smiling McGill.  “I kind of wish we could have found a bigger bag…you know…then we would have more.”


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  1. Brilliant

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